The Blend (Cab Sauv & Merlot)

Shake your booty to the
multi-layered beats of the
mother continent. Green
Shebeen The Blend plays
havoc with your taste buds
with a symphony of tastes
that will having you reeling
with the richness of succulent
fruit, Christmas cake, salads,
spice, coffee, cigar and
leather. Confused? So are we,
but what the heck – why not
just enjoy the synergy of
deliciousness to be found
in every glass?

2010 Cab Sauv

Say heita to the soul of the
party, the wine that puts the
“chill” back into “chillax”.
Green Shebeen Cabernet
Sauvignon is grown on a
south- facing slope where cool
south-westerly breezes take
the sting out of the hottest
day - making this an easy-
going, organic wine that speaks
to all your senses with its
bold, dark colour and fruity
flavours. It’s about as good as
life gets!

Awards: Nedbank Green Wine Awards 2012